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2006-04-25, 02:03:20
Ist zwar Arcade, aber echt krasser shit:

Once upon a time there was a nation where it's men led lives full of compulsive behavior, strange habits and a frustrated fetish-driven sex life. Right after work they drink away their neckstrain from another day of nodding and bowing. They spend all their cash on little iron balls they throw in a glass container with lights. They end their day jacking-off, aroused by pictures of naked college girls commiting suicide. That time is now and that nation is Japan. And it’s economy thrives the odd culture of it’s men. There's sake cans that heat up when opened, vending machines with women’s underwear and for everything that goes bleep there’s huge pachinko parlors and arcades. Around this time (first weekend of April) techno-fetishists unite to sneak at the newest forms of electronic entertainment at the Spring Tokyo Game Show. Next issue you’ll probably read about some of it’s most promising highlights, but for now here’s a review of last year’s arcade-hit Boong-ga Boong-ga (Spank ‘Em).

This life-size coin-up is the latest in the craze of games that invole physical interaction that goes beyond wrist movement. It combines the people’s love of malicious pleasure, their desire to subject someone to their wishes and their twisted sexual fantasies. The object of the game can’t be simpler. The item you interact with is not a joystick, not a board, not a fishing-rod.. but a big bent butt. As you spank away using a large flat bat, a screen shows a face with several expressions. There’s a version with blue jeans, and one with police pants. Although it’s a nicely shaped ass, it’s not necesarrily a women’s behind. Although ‘Ex-girlfriend’ is one of the characters you can pick, there’s also the ex-boyfriend or child molestor, in all 8 figures you have a right to be angry at (a prostitute?).

If you’re good enough you’ll get a keychain with a little plastic dork, and a printed card describing your sexual behavior. Yes, this game is politically correct and might even cure some of that distorted lifestyle. Or as the english on the side so wonderfully summarizes: “What the heck !! it’s just waiting for the stress of city life Give a shot!! HAVE A FUN!!”. The slogan of the brilliant Korean company responsible for this arcade-gem: “Dreams Come True (by Taffsystem)”.

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