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2001-08-03, 06:25:06
Hey Ralph, when will the full version be available? I have 76 megs of demos that I miss watching. :-)

2001-08-03, 21:30:55
When it's done :-)

I think soon I will have a little bit more time for working on DSC full. It will be a beta version. As soon as the beta is stable, I will release the final full version. But not for free. It will cost $9,90.

2001-08-04, 17:51:49
I didn't actually mean the finial version, but one that can convert demos to the new .66 protocol. Thanks.

2001-08-04, 19:12:51
DSC's method to play demos from different Q3 versions was always the version switching and not the on-the-fly converting of demos, though I have included additionally Q3DC.exe, the version switcher from Strider. I don't believe, that he will do another version that is dm_66 compatible..but perhaps he will. If so, I will include it again into DSC.

I think the version-switch method is slightly better than a demo-converting method. Q3DC.exe is a interesting program, though it has some compatibility problems(e.g. with some mod demos) where a version switcher don't have. On the other hand a converter let you use your old timedemos for a direct performance comparison of different Q3 versions.
Finally it's not easy to program a converter since you have to know the dm_66 network protocol in detail.

2001-08-28, 08:43:41
hey hey hey why must we pay????
can't u give it out freely??
kinda bad making money like this...
anyway...nice job on this demoplayer