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2002-09-20, 17:48:35
Was bringt mir denn das Adrenalin?

2002-09-20, 18:01:04

I received an email from a helpful gamer who provided me with a list of good information regarding some of the new special movements available in Unreal Tournament 2003. On the Adrenaline Moves, if you have an inverse mouse set, you may need to try reversing the order of the commands, ie - instead of Fwd, Fwd, Back, Back try Back, Back, Fwd, Fwd. Well, thanks for sharing, and here you go:

Adrenaline Moves (When Adrenaline Is At 100)

BERSERK: Fwd, Fwd, Back, Back

INVISIBILITY: Right, Right, Left, Left

BOOSTER: Back, Back, Back, Back

SPEED: Fwd, Fwd, Fwd, Fwd


2002-09-20, 18:05:07
Ah, danke - deshalb springen immer so viele unsichtbare Gegner rum :)