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2002-09-21, 14:10:29
Für alle die es interessiert und die einen - YAMAHA CRW-F1 -Brenner haben:

Neue Firmware 1.0c auf:


What's New in 1.0c (updated: August 26-02):

Added support for following CD-R discs for 44x writing.
Maxell (32x), NANYA (48x), Daxon (40x), Prodisc (48x)
Improved writing quality of CD-R discs by refined running optimum power control.
Fixed problem with DiscT@2 where error message comes up if you try to burn images/graphics to the outer edge of a disc.
Fixed problem where the drive icon of CRW-F1 disappears if you load/eject a CD repeatedly.

2002-09-21, 23:32:58
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