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Cygnus X-1
2001-08-18, 19:23:28
First, thanks so much for a GREAT program. I have a ball watching demos in slo-mo.

Lately Ive been experimenting with making highlight films of demos. This program would obviously aid in this processs...however I was wondering if there was a way to exec cfg's while playing the demos?

For example I have a cfg that does cg_thirdpersonangle 1;wait; ALL THE WAY to cg_thirdpersonangle 360 for the Matrix effect. The CFG works in devmap mode but hitting the key during demo playback sends me back to the main menu obviously.

How does ID do those clips for Team Arena where they freeze in mid air and rotate the camera in mid-gib? Thats what I would like to do.

Thanks for your help and a great program.

2001-08-18, 20:40:40
Use only F1-F12 and keypad keys while demo replay.

If this doesn't help, DSC has the code to do such things, but it's disbled in the EXE. Sometime it was enabled in a beta version and I called it "action cam". It worked as follows.

Pressing a key while demo replay lets start DSC to read a script file with Q3 console commands and special DSC commands. Every console command from the script file is sent directly to the running Q3. (Things like change view angles, change firstperson to thirdperson view, slow motion, demopausing and such).

The dsc commands are

dsc_wait(t) : waits t millisecs before it sends the next script line to Q3A console.

A loop statement to loop a bunch of console commands n times.

Pressing this key again disabled the action cam.

I think I could reenable the code without much effort and send you the EXE. But note that it's still a bit buggy and my time is very limited the next week. So maybe it will last a while before I will be able to send it to you.

Cygnus X-1
2001-08-18, 22:42:01
is there plans to put the action cam in a new version? If not, you can send it to me if you want. I appreciate it.


2001-08-18, 22:54:06
Maybe I will find the time to reintroduce it officially.

Does it work with one of the F-keys (or keypad keys) now?