Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Genauere Infos zum R350 und RV350 !!

2002-12-09, 12:42:35
PCPOP haben ein Interview mit ATi's Kwok Yuen Ho geführt.

Q: How does the ATi one generation of chip development progress, the very many people cares about RV350 and the R350 some specifications and the estimate issue time?

A: Our RV350 will use 0.13 microns technology, but R350 we as before will use 0.15 microns specification produce. RV350 was makes the very big improvement in the R300 foundation, we had to improve performance and function, simultaneously also had to reduce cost (is equal to was re- designs one), moreover RV350 in this year spring Ready, also will start to the time 0.13 craft maturely. Our RV350 sample already bought back, I personally thought RV350 was becomes the DX9.0 application the mainstream the first section product.

R350 is the high performance and the high specification product, but we as before use 0.15 microns specification production, because R350 only is the R300 one improvement product, certainly does not transit like R200 to R300 such is the new generation of product (this explanation certainly is not very definite, according to PCPOP news which obtains from other channels, ATi completed 0.13 and 0.15 both kinds of preparation in R350 this specification!)

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