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2002-12-24, 05:42:16
Also...ich bin jetzt im letzten level...also Yavin_Final...und ICH KOMME DA NICHT WEITER!!!!!

Ich bin in so einem Raum wo ich reingekommen bin indem ich ein paar Treppen beiseite geschoben habe.
Da ist auch ein Gang den ein paar Steine blockieren.Die Steine bekommt man mit dem Lichtschwert klein und danach gibts noch ein Gang nach links, der wiederrum in einen grossen Raum fuehrt wo dann Steine von der Decke fallen, wo es aber noch einen weiteren Gang gibt der nur in einer Sackgasse endet...

Danke im Voraus...

2002-12-24, 07:57:02
Hab das gefunden, vielleicht ist ja ne erklärung für dich dabei!

Walkthrough for Level 24 (yavin_final)

Force Powers Gained - None


The Home Stretch

You're only a few steps away from confronting Desann. Run down
the steps and clear the rocks in the passageway with your saber.
Continue through and you'll come out into a small room. You'll hear
Desann laugh, and the ceiling will start caving in. Hop up to the next
passageway to continue straight for a few steps, and then stop when it
seems like you should turn right. Listen for a moment, do you hear
anything? Check out the wall to your left. It's fluctuating slightly,
totally unnoticeable unless you've stopped moving and are staring
straight at it. You can go right and retrieve the goodies around the
corner, and then come back to walk through this wall.


Damn That's Toasty

You will now see what was making those sounds...plumes of fire
shooting through the corridor up the ramp. Crouch as close as you can
to the first flames, and look where they're coming out. Use Force Push
to stop them for a short time. Continue through, Force-Pushing each
additional flame source. At the end, you'll see a short scene with three
different Desanns running down three different hallways. One of them
has to be the correct one. Go straight just to start out. At the end
will be a mirror. Desann appears in the mirror to taunt you, but when
you spin around, he's not there. You can see a faint shadow where he
should be standing, though. The shadow will start moving away from you;
follow it into the next hallway. As you near the end wall, Desann will
laugh. Don't follow the shadow through, you'll fall to your death.
*Sigh*, another trick. Go into the last hallway, and down a ramp with a
fire at the bottom. Don't try to go through, you'll get burnt to a crisp.
Instead, slash the dripping pipe at the top of the ramp. It will break
open, pouring water down to put out the fire. Drop down into the hole
for one last challenge.


Which One to Push?

You'll drop into a small area with icons to the left, right, and
in front of you. However, you only need to push one. With your back to
the empty wall, Force Push the one directly ahead. It will move far back,
exposing a small passage leading to the left. Go down, turn left, and
stop. Flush with the left wall (and very hard to see) is another icon to
push...hit it and then go back out, standing under the hole you came
through. That empty wall that was there before has now moved to reveal a
new passage. follow it around to the left, and make your way through a
typical "avoid-the-moving-blocks-or-be-squished" hallway. Force Speed
helps a great deal here. At the end, you'll come out into a big room where
Desann is waiting.


Desann Tactics

The cutscene will show Desann charging up under a large beam in
the center of the room. He and Kyle exchange words, and Desann discovers
that all of his precious troops have been blown up in the ship. The two
futilely try to convince the other to join their side, and then the fight

To be honest, you don't really *need* to use any new tactics on
Desann. Although, you do have to level the playing field a bit. Force
Pull the button on the wall to your right, and then hurry over and do
the same thing to the button on the opposite side of the room. This
turns the beam back on. Jump down and get charged up if you can. The
effect only lasts a short while. If you don't make it to the beam in
time, you're not out of luck; the beam will just be inactive for a short
time, after which you can make your way up to the buttons again. Attack
him with the same method you've been using before. It works best if you
can get him to throw his light saber while you're using Force Speed...then
you can just move in and slash away.

Another tactic to defeat him involves the stone pillars located
around the bottom of the room. A few saber throws will knock them over,
raining debris down. Desann will be following and attacking you, and it
is not too difficult for him to get crushed under a few pillars. I have
tried this myself; you should only have to knock over two to finish him
off. Once he's dead, watch the two cutscenes and you're done!
(I figured since I just spoiled about 99% percent of the game, I may as
well leave you to find out the ending on your own).

Well, congratulations...you played through one of the best games to come
along in years, and you did it all by following a step by step guide.
Now go play it again on the Jedi Master setting, you wuss!

2002-12-25, 16:38:08
Ja...ich denke das wird mir schon weiterhelfen....ich habe achon mehrere walkthroughs probiert....aber keiner ist richtig gut gewesen...
ich probiers nachher mal...

gut...ich habe es durch...war recht gut das spiel...ich empfehle es weiter ;-)

frohe weihnachten

2002-12-25, 23:48:33
Ja is stark das Spiel, gibt aber auch einige Stellen, wo man ein Weilchen braucht bis man den Weg findet/weiter weiß.