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2002-12-26, 19:27:19
Gibt es ne Möglichkeit NFS 3 unter Win2k zum laufen zu bringen?

Oder ein Tool das dem Spiel ein Win98 vorgaukelt?

2002-12-26, 20:00:33
von www.ntcompatible.com:

1) First thing first make you sure you have install the latest SP1 and Windows 2000 Application Compatibility Update March 2001 & DX8.01a. You find everthing you need right here.
2) It installs fine under compatability mode but does nothing when starting up. Under compatability mode it gives the following errors: Msvcrt is not an win32s application, Cannot find the entry Ft_exit8 in the kernel32 dll. Allready tried to download the ntpatch but there seems to be a version difference. Tried to run the game under win2k sp2 appcompat march01

2002-12-26, 20:05:49
Und auf www.nfs2000.de gibt es Tutorials dazu.