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2001-09-30, 04:50:48
Update available:

What's new
bugfix: Options/MODs had an error. After changing a value in the "Play with" column,
one had to click somewhere else in the listview to be able to save the change.

changed: OSP dm3 demos will be played as baseq3 demos on default.
Updated: This readme file. Please Read it carefully, it may be helpfull for you!

Due to the new network protocol of PR 1.30, dm_66 demos cannot yet be parsed for informations like
winner, pov, map and so on.

I've choosen to play dm_66 demos as CPMA demos on default for now, since this great MOD can handle baseq3, OSP, RA3 and of course CPMA demos.
Download the newest version of CPMA at http://www.promode.org/.

There is one exception from this CPMA handling for dm_66 demos:
Dm_66 demos which are stored in the default demo folder or the subfolders of the respective MOD
will be played as MOD demos on default. So when you double click a OSP dm_66 demo from your desktop,
it will be played as a CPMA demo on default. When you move this demos into [Q3A_ROOT]\OSP\demos and
double click it from there, it will be played as a OSP demo!