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2010-01-22, 17:50:57
MSI in collaboration with the Geeks3D team (kudos JeGX) has today introduced the first public beta version of Kombustor, an OpenGL graphics card benchmarking and stress testing tool based on FurMark.

Available as a standalone app but also linked with the Afterburner utility (if installed), Kombustor features OpenGL 2 and OpenGL 3 rendering paths, multiple customization settings (for the test), and a GPU temperature reader so you'll know how hot and heavy things get while running the software.
Klingt doch ganz nett, oder?

2010-01-22, 20:10:17
Aufgemotzter FURMARK

2010-01-22, 20:37:14
Identisch. Außer man nimmt das MSI-Logo statt dem Fell-Donut.