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2001-09-30, 19:14:36
aus dem rage3d.com forum:
"Power Magic announces RADEON 8500 & 7500 3D Adapters

Rotterdam, NL--September 18, 2001,
Power Magic Multimedia today announces the RADEON" 8500 and 7500 3D graphics adapters. The Power Magic RADEON" 8500 , the world s fastest and most technologically advanced graphics board for affording consumers an unsurpassed 3D gaming experience.The Power Magic RADEON" 7500 graphics board, an outstanding combination of performance, innovative 3D features and real value for a wide range of home and business users

The PM RADEON 8500 graphics board, powered by the most advanced ATI graphics processor chip, delivers significant performance superiority . It features a core clock speed of 250Mhz (megahertz), memory clock speed of 275 MHz and 64MB (megabytes) of DDR (double data rate) memory. Major technological advancements include TRUFORM", an innovative rendering technology that helps to deliver the smoothest, most natural 3D images ever seen on existing and next-generation 3D games; and SMARTSHADER", an advanced technology that takes advantage of Microsoft s new DirectX 8.1 specification, including supporting Pixel Shaders Version 1.4 to enable more complex and realistic texture and lighting effects without sacrificing performance. DirectX 8.1 is an integral part of Microsoft s new Windows XP operating system, due to ship this Fall. All the features available on the DirectX platform will also be available under OpenGL ® .

The PM RADEON 7500 offers consumers a mainstream solution with a set of standard features typically associated with premium-level graphics boards. It incorporates a core clock speed of 270MHz (megahertz) and a memory clock speed of 230MHz, 64MB DDR (dual data rate), HYPER Z" technology , up to 8.8GB/sec (gigabytes per second) of effective memory bandwidth and flexible display support including VGA (video graphics array) and digital flat panel (DVI) monitors as well as TV out. It delivers up to a 60 percent improvement in performance compared to the previous generation of RADEON high-performance processors. The overall value proposition associated with the RADEON 7500 processor speed, 3D performance and price is unparalleled. It is the perfect solution for the 70 percent of users in the mainstream segment. The RADEON 7500 supports Microsoft s Windows 98®, Windows Me®, Windows 2000® and upcoming Windows XP® operating system environments as well as DirectX 8.0 and OpenGL® 1.2.


Both models in retail packaing will be available for limited quantity from the first week of October , 2001

Notice the clock speed?

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