Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : AMD/ATI - Das bringt der ATi Catalyst 10.2 und 10.3!

2010-02-17, 07:20:00
Endlich geht AMD viele Kritikpunkte an:

Ein Mod kann ja vielleicht ein paar Folien einfügen, weiß nicht wie das geht.

2010-02-17, 08:05:19
Hier noch ein sehr ausführlicher Artikel:

Catalyst 10.2

1. Crossfire profile – Per-game Crossfire profiles are being moved out of the drivers, so that AMD can distribute out-of-band profile updates.
2. CrossfireX rearchitecture - Certain parts of AMD’s multi-GPU code has been moved from the 3D driver to another driver component; this segmentation is largely to benefit Fuzion integrated CPU/GPUs later this year.
3. Ultra Low Power State – This feature for lower-idling on Crossfire slave cards has been in the entire 5000 series. However it’s only being enabled across the board starting with this release.
4. Crossfire Eyefinity – Eyefinity now works with all Crossfire configurations, not just on the 5970..
5. DisplayPort Audio – The 5000 series is now capable of outputting audio over the DisplayPort in accordance with the DisplayPort standard.

Catalyst 10.3

1. Catalyst Mobility – AMD will once again be releasing Catalyst drivers for most Mobility GPUs.
2. Eyefinity Bezel Correction – Eyefinity setups can finally be adjusted to compensate for the space occupied by monitor bezels.
3. Eyefinity Per Display Controls – Per display color correction, particularly useful for mismatched monitors.
4. Eyefinity Multiple Groups
5. Eyefinity Display Configuration Switching
6. 3D Stereo driver hooks – AMD is implementing some low-level hooks to help 3rd-party 3D displays work with Radeon cards.