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2001-04-27, 17:48:40
Hi Leute,

folgendes Interview habe ich gerade gefunden, den ersten Teil poste ich mal, damit es nicht zu lang wird, folgt unten der Link.
Sind ein paar doch sehr interessante Aussagen drin:

GeForce 3 and beyond: HZ interviews Dan Vivoli
After the long review of the NVIDIA GeForce3 chip (Italian only) we had the opportunity to talk with Dan Vivoli at the phone. A big thanks goes to Luciano Alibrandi, who made this possible, and, of course, to Dan Vivoli.

[Marco] Do you plan a complete range of boards, using the GeForce 3 features? (e.g. MX, Ultra, Quadro). If yes, when can we see them?

[Dan] As always, we can't comment on unreleased products. My advice is to look at the history of NVIDIA. We always put on the market a new chip, and then a complete range of products, derived from it. So, let's say we can expect something derived from the GeForce 3 in the 6/12 months time frame.

[Marco] How will you use the technology from 3dfx in your products?

[Dan] The current chips were already under advanced developement, when we acquired 3dfx. NV30 will be the first chip that 3dfx engineers will have worked on so it is the first one that can feel their influence. I don't say it will be directly derived from those, but will owe something to 3dfx architecture, somehow. I can't say more.

[Marco] In the past, you used to put on the market a new product every 6 months. Now that you haven't got to worry about 3dfx anymore, will you change this rate?

[Dan] Not likely. This pulse is driven by our desire to meet the needs of our customers as well as our need to continue to innovate very rapidly. Besides, we can expect some workstation and low-level products in the meantime.

[Marco] So, can we expect an NV30 in one year from now?

[Dan] Yes, more or less, but I don't know for sure.it is our spring 02 product.

[Marco] What about ATi and Kyro boards? Do you see them as challengers for the GeForce 3?

[Dan] Not at all! We think that even a GeForce 2 GTS can do better than those product, so GeForce 3 is really way ahead for them. Though, we see them asOne may view them as competitors for our MX range of boards but we feel that we have the best solutions at all price points. Especially with our new line of faster MX products.. That's why we recently enlarged the range at this level, and now we even have a 64MB version of GeForce 2 MX board.


Das komplette Interview gibts hier:


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