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2001-10-24, 14:26:50
ATI/OEM Radeon 8500 64MB DVI, tv-out Retail 618,00

Ist das jetzt Ati-Karte mit vollem Takt oder wie ?

Preis wäre ja ganz nett:)

2001-10-24, 15:00:28
Könnte ein OEM Karte ein Fremdherstellers sein, also vorher genau klären.

2001-10-24, 18:17:43
Wenn direkt OEM dasteht, ergibt sich eine hohe Chance auf niedrigere Taktfrequenzen als 275 / 275 MHz. Ich würde mir die Taktfrequenzen verbindlich bestätigen lassen.

2001-10-24, 18:52:15
Also was ich oben reingegeschrieben habe ist von der orginal Preisliste.
Muss mal dort fragen :)

2001-10-25, 01:56:57
Originally posted by Unregistered
ATI/OEM Radeon 8500 64MB DVI, tv-out Retail 618,00

Ist das jetzt Ati-Karte mit vollem Takt oder wie ?

Preis wäre ja ganz nett:)

Habe eben auf einer Anderen Seite noch was bzgl Retail und OEM gelesen. Letzter Stand von ATI: Original ATI Retail, steht drau "built by ATI" läuft mit 275/275. OEM versionen werden nach Kundenwünschen ANGEFERTIGT, laufen i.d.R. mit 250/250. Was die Kunden damit machen (z.B. Verpacken und als Retailware" zu verkaufen" interessiert ATI nicht besonders.

2001-10-25, 09:28:08
Nur so zur Info:
(von www.nvnews.net)
ATI on OEM Clocks (http://www.tech-report.com/onearticle.x/3044) - 10/24/2001 8:39 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
The Tech Report was able to snag a quick Q&A with John Challinor concerning the OEM Radeon 8500's clockspeeds. As if the Quake/Quack wasn't enough...

1) Your statement yesterday seemed to indicate that Radeon 8500 cards in a 250/250 configuration are only available from third parties--that only the chips in these cards come from ATI. In my article, I have pictures of an "OEM" ATI Radeon card we purchased. It runs at a stock 250/250MHz clock rate, but the card is clearly marked--all over it--as an ATI card. Is this card one of the "third party" cards you referred to in your statement? If so, in what sense do you mean "third party"?

ATI sold a limited number of ATI-branded boards with the RADEON 8500-based 250/250 chip to its add-in board (AIB) manufacturer partners to help hasten their entry into the worldwide PC marketplace with our latest technologies. This level of support will soon revert to our planned program of providing only RADEON 8500-based chips, which AIBs will then add to their own boards and market to their various customers around the world, including retailers and system integrators. The RADEON 8500-based product sold to AIBs will not be sold by ATI into retail. It will be sold by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and AIBs into retail as part of their overall technology offerings. We will be making a formal announcement in this regard in the next few days. By the way, in second reference to them in my earlier correspondence with you, I have referred to OEMs, ODMs and AIBs as third parties.

HalcYoN: Basically, ATI is saying that they rushed slower chips to board makers to get the product on to shelves quickly and take advantage of new product hype. Or am I reading that wrong? The ATI PR responses are starting to sound like Kennedy depostions.

Typedef: Good news as ATI will shortly announce a new name/number for the 250/250 OEM part.