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2018-02-01, 09:50:03
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2018-02-01, 16:38:32
Ich fand noch bemerkenswert, daß AMD sich vorstellen könnte, in Zukunft getrennte Compute- und Gaming-GPUs zu fertigen.
Zugegeben, daß ist aus dem Anandtech Interview.

On the GPU side, we have multiple teams that are looking at how to improve the instruction set as you go forward and I would say that we are thinking on the compute aspect of GPUs. How do we think about sort of the traditional GPU engines to special accelerators, things like that.

Q: Does that mean that there is room in the future for GPU bifurcation, between a gaming focus and a compute focus?

LS: I think there is. You will see us move on this, and we’re very committed to gaming so that’s not going to change, but you will see us do some more purpose-built products for the compute side of things.