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2001-11-02, 15:31:15

I use dsc quite a lot for viewing my q3 demos and I was wondering when dsc(nonlight) is gonna be 1.30 compatible. I like it better then the light version because in dsc you can open demos in zip files while in dsc light it will not run correct (somehow cant find the neccesary files, cause it doesnt know what mod this demo uses).

well hope to hear from you,

P.S. mail would prolly be best to use to reply (if possible), cause I will prolly forget to check back again :((( mail = maulisho@home.nl

Thanx for this tool!!!

2001-11-11, 21:44:57
Sad to say, I think Ralph has given up :-(



2001-11-25, 01:24:23
i dont beleave he'll ever get it finish .. its been on its way for about a year now?? ... zzzzz dead projekt

2001-11-25, 04:11:29
The main reason is id's - with almost every update changing - network protocol. I don't have the code to decompress the #66 network code. If I would have this code, I would do a fast update of both the light and the full version. Without this code I can do nothing, sorry.

2001-11-25, 08:50:57
Come on Ralph, we are depending on you!!! :)


2001-11-26, 22:10:07
You could try contacting the guy who made GTV 1.30 compatible. But I believe this was done with support from id because it was essential for q3's tournament lifespan.

2001-11-27, 01:19:18
I really hope some day the normal version of DSC for 1.30 will be released since I really like the program, you can easily find out everything about every demo and then rename it...
much easier as watching in q3... exitting q3... search the demo... rename it... q3 again, etc

2001-12-23, 01:49:21
But Ral i you had the code before to upgrade det dm3 and dm_48 .. whats the problem getting the code now besides the fact that ID has upgraded once again???

Surely there must be some way for you to get a hold for it somehow?

Regarding the "pay per seat" thinggy i think its a great idea that users should pay a "tokin" for all the work you put in the program .. i mean cmon guys .. we're talking perhaps 5 dollars??? get real.. that kind of money wouldent ruin anybody and besides .. is anyone of you gonna sit down and contruct a new one??? i think not.

Remember : small tokins makes the programmer wanna do more.. i mean you pay'd for youre Q3 Arena didnt you? .. some did some didnt i still say that "if you like the product BYE IT!" .. for those who reconize the sentense from various .nfo files you know what im talking about.

2001-12-23, 01:51:13
Excuse the spelling =)

2001-12-23, 04:04:44
any new DSC??

2001-12-23, 22:19:15
I got tired of waiting so I installed Quake 3 in a different directory with the 1.27 pr. Works great with the 1.39k dsc. Later.


2002-01-07, 16:42:05
i think id won't share q3's network protocol uncompressing code coz that also would make creating cheats and hacks easier (q30wnerz and such things).. sad but true, this fact also makes developing tools like DSC much harder if not impossible..


PS.: Ralph, DSC (light) rox anyway :)