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2003-05-02, 07:41:21
Every End Is A New Beginning
It was really good to be a part of 3D graphics hardware online community, but it is time for us to go further. For a number of months already we have not been able to update the web-site properly since we all got eventually involved in different work and we cannot dedicate really a lot of time for Reactor Critical. We really regret, but it seems that we should retire from all of this.

But we do not think it is time for Reactor Critical to leave the scene. The web-site is still very famous and rather popular and we believe that some other guys may take care of it. At this point we want to sell this web-site to a company or a group of people who can run the web-site and even make some money eventually. We believe that with a group of specialists who can dedicate enough time for Reactor Critical, the web-site will prosper. If you already have a number of up and running online medias, then you will definitely find it easy to promote the web-site and increase the number of page-views and your revenue.

What will you get?
A well-known and respected brand-name and domain name.
The whole web-site with contents that is up and running.
A help with finding contacts with hardware manufacturers and developers.
Driver and software archive with anti-leach system up and running.
Opportunity to find cheap but reliable hosting for both the web-site and download section.

If you can offer us something or want to get more information about Reactor Critical, please contact Konstantin Martynenko

2003-05-02, 08:46:25
Wäre ja schön, wenn sich jemand findet, der RC weiterführt. Auf jedenfall schade, dass die, die's jetzt machen aufhören. Waren ja immerhin nicht schlecht... ;)

2003-05-03, 16:13:23
Die haben schon so oft aufgehört :D