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2003-05-13, 13:29:18
Sehr interessant!

2003-05-13, 17:24:30
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Sehr interessant! Gnarf. Und so einen Shice "darf" ich nun wieder lesen...

2003-05-13, 17:36:39
Das ist doch geil :) Danke für den Link!

*wieder was ins Verzeichnis zu den vielen Dokumenten schieb, die ich alle irgendwann mal lesen will* :D

2003-05-13, 17:40:44
Die meisten Dinge sind unverändert vom NV30 übernommen. Die interesanten neuen Punkte sind IMHO:


The NVIDIA CineFX 2.0 engine optimizes all stages of the pixel pipeline, doubling the floating-point pixel shader power of its predecessor. This major jump forward translates directly to a 2×
increase in floating-point shader power, and a visible performance boost from the faster, more efficient execution of pixel shader programs.

NVIDIA Intellisample HCT delivers the next step in performance and visual quality, compressing color, texture, and z data. Performance gains can be seen in all applications, especially at high resolutions with antialiasing. This new technology allows for up to a 50-percent increase in compression efficiency in these modes, and
delivers unprecedented visual quality for resolutions up to 1600 × 1200.

Wobei wieder mal zu klären wäre ob mit Texturkompression was anderes als die bekannten Verfahren gemeint ist.

NVIDIA Intellisample HCT includes a “quality” mode that delivers true anisotropic filtering and that allows programmers to achieve unmatched visual clarity for every portion of the scene, even difficult areas representing surfaces viewed from a sharp angle or from a distance.

In “balanced” and “performance” modes, anisotropic filtering is limited to the areas that require it, and when multiple textures are involved, filtering is applied to the texture that will most benefit. Trilinear filtering is also implemented to optimize performance, with the engine applying this technique only when it does not degrade