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2003-05-23, 22:18:08
Diese Mail hab ich gerade bekommen. Einige von Euch sicher auch.

Womit klar sein dürfe das man sich nicht all zu sehr auf reine
Benchmarks verlassen kann. Auch wenn man viel Geld dafür bezahlt hat.
Sehr interessant sind vor allen dingen die aussagen in den FAQs.

We have released a new patch for 3DMark03. This patch updates 3DMark03
to build 330. We recommend all 3DMark03 users to download and install
the patch.

Download the patch here:

For more information of 3DMark03 and the 330 patch, please visit:

3DMark03 Patch 330 FAQ

Q: What does patch 330 do?
A: This patch produces correct and comparable 3DMark03 scores for all hardware.

Q: Was there something wrong with earlier builds?
A: No. However, we verified that recent NVIDIA drivers detected when 3DMark03
was running and then switched into a special mode, taking control from
3DMark03. This ultimately resulted in incorrect 3DMark03 results and made
performance comparisons between NVIDIA's and other manufacturers'
hardware impossible. Patch 330 changes 3DMark03 code in
trivial way so that these drivers are not able to detect when it is running.
For independent media analysis of the situation, please read
http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,1086025,00.asp; and

Q: Can I use earlier builds at all?
A: We strongly recommend all users to download and install the patch, as
it is currently the only way to obtain correct and comparable results across
different hardware.

Q: Do scores change with the patch?
A: Yes. Although the actual workload in the benchmark is not changed at all,
we have noticed substantial performance score changes in NVIDIA hardware
and insignificant performance change e.g. with ATI hardware. Thus, only
build 330 scores should be used from now onwards.

Q: How do I know which build I am using?
A: Open 3DMark03, right click on your mouse over the user interface, then
select 'About'. The build is indicated as the version
number in the dialog box that opens.

We apologize for any inconvenience to you. We were forced to produce this
patch to re-enable objective performance comparisons.


Futuremark Corporation

2003-05-23, 22:27:42
Wieviele Threads wird es dazu noch geben? :zzz:

2003-05-23, 22:30:29
Noch viele vermute ich mal.

Aber der zentrale Thread dafür bleibt dieser: http://www.forum-3dcenter.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=72923