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2001-11-29, 04:52:10
Hi folks,

I have made a demo player for RtCW. It plays RtCW multiplayer demos from within Windows Explorer. It plays multiple selected demos, it supports demo looping, timedemo and free RtCW configuration options for playing demos.

Tested with W2k Pro SP2 and WinXP Pro.

Download at

www.3dcenter.de/dsc/beta.php or


2001-12-05, 21:09:17
Update to version 1.01 available. Splash screen added, thx @Kai.

2001-12-06, 08:54:17
Update to Version 1.02

What's new
added: switch to disable status drawing in RtCW. This is a workaround for a bug in WolfMP.exe. When watching a demo, which is recorded in free spectator mode, there is a transparent status screen in front.
Check this option to disable all status drawing while watching demos.

2001-12-19, 17:07:48
What's new in version 1.03
added: The "Checkpoint" timedemo for benchmarking issues from Leonidas@3D-Center. You may use the "Timedemo" entry
from the context menu of demo files to benchmark or stress your system.
added: Mouse hints on the main window of WDP.

2001-12-20, 20:29:13
Works superb with Windows 98 SE.