Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Hidden surface removal and Detonators?

2003-07-05, 12:38:45
Hi, I have TI4200-8x card and I would like to experiment with hidden surface removal (Early z culling) but I have seen in atuner that some detonators do not support it (using 44.03 at the moment). Which ones (for WinXP) do you recommend for testing?

2003-07-05, 14:20:25

try 44.03 with the D3D-Version of Villagemark, if you can see an effect. Due my information, Early Z is functional on 44.03, but i don't know if its enabled by default, so make sure that you changed the options in the aTuner D3D-Panel at least once, to ensure that the entry was written.