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2003-08-07, 15:34:35
Mail from Nicola C.

Dear Leonidas from 3DCenter,
I'm new on your site and I have founded it very professional, in particular I like your graphic cards' review.
I have contacted you because I have used the D3D AF Tester 1.2b on different cards (GeForceFX 5600 and Radeon 9800Pro) and I have found that when I select "Texel Analyze" command I obtain different results: for example at Aniso4X, I have 23 for GeForceFX and 26 for Radeon .
So I have the following questions:
What that number means?
It's better that it is higher?
Thanks for your answering.
Best regards,

Nicola C.

2003-08-07, 16:47:22

the number stands for the maximum texelcount that is used for one pixel. Because more texel give you in most case a better result a higher number is better. But the number tells you not the full truth. You have to lock at the Red-Green Image too. A full red pixel (normally in the center of the image) means that there is no texel used for this pixel. A full green pixel stands for the maximum number of used texels. The other colors are linear scaled. Hope this helps.

2003-08-08, 12:13:34
Im Namen von Nicola: Thx @ Demirug.