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2003-09-18, 19:08:31
In view of recent ATI’s Shader Day event and Gabe Newell’s presentation of Half-Life 2, we asked John Carmack about his opinion. What can we expect from GeForce FX family regarding future DirectX 9 games?


Hi John,

No doubt you heard about GeForce FX fiasco in Half-Life 2. In your opinion, are these results representative for future DX9 games (including Doom III) or is it just a special case of HL2 code preferring ATI features, as NVIDIA suggests?

Unfortunately, it will probably be representative of most DX9 games. Doom has a custom back end that uses the lower precisions on the GF-FX, but when you run it with standard fragment programs just like ATI, it is a lot slower. The precision doesn't really matter to Doom, but that won't be a reasonable option in future games designed around DX9 level hardware as a minimum spec.

John Carmack

link: http://english.bonusweb.cz/interviews/carmackgfx.html

Damit wird meine nächste Karte wohl ne ATI :)

2003-09-18, 19:12:23
guckst du hier :)

2003-09-18, 19:15:14