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2003-10-05, 11:09:36
Zumindest wenn es hiernach geht:

NV38 seals NVidia's coffin...

"Just spotted this piece of news over at Gearbox Software's forum.

Nvidia's NV38 (along with the rest of the FX series) has been dubbed as a substandard card by team dx. This means that DX will not include NV in it's developement range for directx10. Team DX made the decision "as a favor to the graphics industry". Team DX claims that NV violated their partnership agreement by changing the DX9 code with their latest set of drivers as caught by Xbit labs recently. This violates the licensing agreement and conpromises DX's quality in order to make it seem as if ATi and NV cards alike display the same image quality (which would be really bad in this case).

This can only be fixed by reinstalling dx9b. So by all means, Do Not Download Detonator 50 Drivers!!! Along with this, NV has been caught cheating on benchmarks as they usually do over at Anandtech . Notice that all of the realworld benchmarks perform better on ATi, yet all synthetic benchmarks perform better by a large margin on NV hardware. "These violations are inexcusable" said a DX employee, and I'd have to agree. So without the inside drive on DX10, NV will not be able to even optimize their cards as ATi can and will probably fall into bankruptsy just as 3dfx did before them...

Gearbox Software

Nach allem was ich hier gelesen habe wird NVidia hier als böser Bube abgestempelt und wird in DX10 nicht mehr unterstützt (bzw. beachtet oder mit DX10 Interna versorgt). Als krönendes "Fazit" wird NVidia das gleiche Schicksal vorausgesagt wie 3Dfx. Der NV38 wird demnach NV's Schicksal besiegeln, da sie nicht dem DX-Standard entspricht :O

Dabei darf ATi weiter "optimieren" und cheaten wie es ihnen gefällt :( (auch das geht aus dem Text hervor)



p.s. Harter Tobak - daher wahrscheinlich Spekulation - sorry

edit: OK - existiert schon :D ;) - also close oder löschen plz...

2003-10-05, 11:14:47